Mechanical Inspection

As an essential capability to support of our mechanical fabrication, we are also equipped with a range of mechanical inspection equipment.

Our engineers work closely with our production to build custom fixtures/tools, enabling precise measurement of complex components.


Coordinate-Measuring Machine

Surface Roughness Contour Measurement

Surface Texture Measurement

Profile Projector

Some of the mechanical inspection equipment include:

●   Coordinate Measuring Machine

  • Provide accurate and non-contact measurement of various critical parameters.

●   Surface Roughness & Contour Measuring Instrument

  • High accuracy and reliable automated contour/surface roughness measurement with independent/simultaneous multi-axis CNC control.

●   Surface Measuring Station

  • Fast, easy and accurately measurement of surface roughness.

●   Profile Projector

  • Easy inspection of dimensions and profiles.

●   Dial Indicators

  • To check consistency and accuracy of small distance.

●   Micrometres and Vernier Callipers

  • To check diameter of spheres, shafts, holes, depths of slots and steps.

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