Optical Inspection

To provide our customers with compliance products, besides having established a quality control system based on ISO9001 standard, we are equipped with various testing and inspection equipment throughout the production of the optical components and system.


Focal Length Measurement

Goniometer Angle Measurement

Shimadzu sphetrophotometer

Wedge Angle Measuring Device

Zygo Interferometer

Zygo Vertical Interferometer


Centering Collimator

Leica Digital Microscope

Some of the metrology equipment include:

●   Zygo Interferometer

  • Provide fast and non-contact measurement of wave front distortion, surface profile, deflect angle and parallelism of flat and spherical surfaces of optics.

●   Spectrophotometer

  • Inspection of absorption/transmission % of coatings & materials.

●   Wedge Angle Measuring Device

  • Custom design to measure the wedge deviation.

●   Autocollimator

  • To inspect and measure the various critical optical parameters; surface figure, surface quality, dimensions, etc.

●   Centering Collimator

  • Measurement of centering variance.

●   Goniometer

  • Measurement of angles.

●   Optical comparator

  • Measurement of dimensions and angles

●   Leica Digital Microscope

  • Surface quality inspection.

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