Optics Production





Pitch Polishing

Pad Polishing

Planetary Polishing

Plano Polishing

Rough Grinding with Chamfering

Rough Grinding


Ultra Sonic Cleaning



Our Optics Fabrication include:

  • Milling machines for initial in-process machining of the optical elements to set the shape and size.
  • Slicing machines for generation of grooves.
  • Diamond Curve Generating / Lapping machines for spherical curve generating and final machining
  • Pitch and Pad Polishing machines to refine the surface of the optics and setting the surface quality of the finished optics, capable of producing 1/20 wave optical elements.
  • Centering & Edging machines to center and grind down the edge of an optics to meet the specific diameter and centration, to an accuracy of less than 10 seconds.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning machine provides faster and more thorough cleaning prior to coating and bonding, as well as finished products.
  • Beveling / chamfering are usually applied by hand with respective beveling tools and diamond wheels.
  • Contacting is employed for optics requiring very high parallelism tolerances. For this process, optics are pressed firmly onto a special glass block so that a vacuum is created between the optic and the block's surface, thereby holding the optic in place for processing.

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